Material Desktop System Web & App Designs

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Roman Kamushken

Meet the business edition of a Material desktop system for apps, web products, hi-fi prototyping, or for design team purposes. Fits for both web or downloadable applications.

File Description:

Contains most frequent to use UX patterns and UI elements with clicked and onhovered statements provided. Hundreds of production-ready perfectly crafted responsive design components at your service. Made for Figma. Product page Videos showcase Overview Try a demo 33 desktop layouts at 1440px and 13 sections of components Each template served as light and dark themes and ready for further customization. You are free to detach, mix, combine and reuse UI components, groups and frames or implement into your product as it is. Free updates for every customer We do care about supporting, enhancing and bringing to life ideas into the products. So this project is planned to refresh with new templates every month. Once purchased, you will stay updated with new desktop templates convenient for your next projects. Still in doubts? Check out this videos Designers, Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, icons and modules along with every new project started. Use this huge library of predefined UI modules to finish your tasks faster. Get things done scary fast! Developers, This system will let you dip into the design process, learn or enhance prototyping skills. Use Figma powerful features to create layouts without design skills with this product. Managers & Owners, Equip your team with this design system and save time without building it from scratch. Release your apps faster by using this product. Avoid messing with the pixels and jump directly to launching a product.