Figma Material Design System

About This Kit:

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Roman Kamushken

Design kit for Figma served as powerful design system for teams or individuals

File Description:

Material Design System for Figma is based on 100% guidelines compliance and contains an impressive amount of scalable and constrained components to accelerate the application development. Contains 60 mobile templates based on specifications to make an easy start. v2.2 updated with 2018 material guidelines and Figma 3.0 global styles Read the documentation to learn how to quickstart Biggest material design system for Figma for the present moment Cross-customizable: simply edit master component for mass-effect Every component and template is responsive constrained and fits to 8dp grid Exclusively for Figma uses ‘Instance’ features at maximum Designers, Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, icons and modules along with every new project started. Use this huge library of predefined UI modules to finish your tasks faster. Get things done! Developers, This system will let you dip into the design process, learn or enhance prototyping skills. Use Figma powerful features to create layouts without design skills with this product. Managers & Owners, Equip your team with this design system and save time without building it from scratch. Release your apps faster by using this product. Avoid messing with the pixels and jump directly to launching a product.