Plaster — Mobile Design System

About This Kit:

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Plaster helps to create stunning iOS & Android applications with bulletproof guidelines and thoughtful components.

File Description:

Plaster — is a design system boilerplate and a UI kit for mobile application design.

Not another UI kit. Plaster strives to make modern mobile guidelines maximally open to customization and repeated use by binding them with a single design rule set.

Huge component library. Plaster includes 1.600+ components for Android and iOS, tuned to perfection, and ready to be used to create professional mobile application design.

Plaster made to solve designer and developer routine, such as:

  • To design an Android or iOS app.
  • To create a mobile design system.
  • To develop a prototype or wireframe.
  • To create a style guide.
  • To manage the design system components and styles.
  • To create a beautiful presentation.